Halo 3, hype of the year or game of the year?

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Halo 3, hype of the year or game of the year?

Halo 3 coming to a screen near you; But only if you have an Xbox 360 of course.

I have to admit that I never played any version of Halo before but I’m actually considering it now. The main reason for it is to check out if the game is over hyped or if it really lives up to the hype. Recently you have not been able to go to any game web site without getting Halo 3 ads and the latest news about Halo 3, unless of course you went to some PlayStation or Nintendo web site.

The previous versions did arrive for Windows and one even for the Mac!!! So the question is will Halo 3 also come for Windows? I would expect to see it on PC during 2008; Halo 2 was released a few month go for Windows so it would be crazy to release Halo 3 too soon. I’m pretty sure that the Windows version will require Windows Vista, just as Halo 2 does.

So what does this leave me with…? I will be getting the Xbox 360 version as I don’t use Vista (Nor plan to). I didn’t buy the game get as I got a serious problem with my Xbox 360. It is broken :-( got The Red Ring of Death so I will need to check if I can get it replaced by Microsoft.

So when that is sorted the hype should have calmed down and it should be possible to get an English version here in Switzerland, currently they are sold out. And then I will yet again hear from my son: “Dad, can I play that new game… I’m only 8 but that is almost okay, right?” I feel sorry for him, it will go the same way as with Gears of War, you can look at the box and that’s all.

I hope that I during the next few month will be able to play the game and then I will of course report back right here about it. For now I suggest that you check what the news media had to say about the launch of Halo 3. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Halo 3, hype of the year or game of the year?

  1. I once played a demo of the original Halo on my PC and found that it ran terribly slowly even though my PC wasn’t all that old at the time. That was my one and only experience of the game.

    My daughter’s boyfriend however cannot get enough of Halo and I suspect that he’ll have his hands on Halo 3 at the soonest opportunity.

  2. Stephen, you got more experience with Halo than I do (and I even work in the games business). Maybe the PC you had at that time just didn’t have a fast enough graphics card!!

  3. The graphics card probably was the problem but I don’t remember Halo getting a great write-up from the PC magazines. If I recall correctly it first appeared on the original XBox and was ported over to the PC at a later date and just wasn’t the same experience as it was on the console.

    Ah well, I doubt I’ll be getting an Xbox anytime soon so my Halo experience will continue to be limited. There’s always Halo Zero. :)

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