I dream… about Pikmin for Nintendo Wii

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I dream… about Pikmin for Nintendo Wii

I just saw this great picture on Nintendo Wii Fanboy and now I know what I really really miss for my Nintendo Wii: Pikmin 3 or Pikmin Wii or whatever they will call it, IF they make it. Right now I don’t remember seeing anything from Nintendo that confirms they are doing it.. So I dream…

I consider Pikmin for GameCube to be among some of the greatest games ever, sure it helps that I love cute games and that I for a long time wanted to do a game with flowers!!! And I’m not talking Halo FlowerPower.

Guess it is time to find Pikmin and Pikmin 2 for GameCube again and enjoy some time with it. Unless of course the sims in MySims will start a revolution and disable GameCube support (Hmmm. Bed time for me I think, starting to talk nonsense).

Anyway, do click the image below and see one more picture from the French page. I wish it was possible to buy a small Captain Olimar to play with…


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  1. i enjoy playing on the Nintendo Wii. it is very responsive and it has more features than some other game consoles.

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