Time for Flash Element TD2

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Time for Flash Element TD2

Just saw on the blog of Paul & Dave (Creator of Flash Element TD and more) that they are doing a re-vamp (remake) of Flash Element TD. This is not the first game they have done after Flash Element TD, as they did Desktop TD, Flash Circle TD and Vector TD also.

I played Circle TD a bit and Vector TD once. Vector TD impressed me most both game play and also visuals, but one issue I had with both games was that the games where very long. The first time I played Vector TD I got to level 28, so it is very hard to say when things go wrong. Maybe I played the first 5 levels wrong and that resulted in that I could not get far. But after playing 28 levels I just didn’t feel like trying again.

So this is what I fear might happen in Flash Element TD2. But I will be looking forward to this re-vamp of the old game, from the short blog post they did it looks promising and they where even so kind to do a YouTube movie; this shows that the game will be rather different but still based on the techniques we know from their games.

Enjoy it.

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