Follow up to my DigiMemo A501 review

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Follow up to my DigiMemo A501 review

DigiMemo A502This is a follow up to yesterday’s review of ACECAD DigiMemo A501 review; to be found here.

The website from ACECAD is now working again and I did some checking there. I will not be updating the review but just add a link here.


I mentioned the lack of documentation for the software, especially for the new functions, well I was looking in the latest A501
documentation but the software is used for all the DigiMemo products. Looking at the A502 documentation did also not help but the A402/L2 documentation helped to solve the mystery of ‘Online writing’ and ‘Conversion’.

Online Writing

This feature does NOT work with A501; as far as I can tell from documentation it is only for A402 and L2. When enabled it should allow the user to use the notepad and see the result ‘live’ in the software. So if you draw a line on the paper it will appear in the software right away. I fail to see much use for that but never mind, I can’t use it anyway.


To enable this feature the software “DigiMemo Handwriting Recognition” must be installed before. It is then possible to convert the handwriting directly from within the normal software. This function did not work with the trial version of MyScript Notes.

Tablet Device

I found another feature that is probably only available when using A402 and L2 is that the notepad can be used as a table device in windows.

Comments from Daniel Klein

My friend Daniel did a posting about the A501 after he read mine; It can be found here (It is in German). His main worry is how hard the pen has to be pressed against the paper before it works. Actually this is holding him of from buying a DigiMemo notepad. For me it is not a problem as I often just do a few quick notes but where he will be writing a lot. I just did a test, did some writing and a small drawing where I didn’t care about the symbol in the display that indicates it receives info. If I had ink on paper then I was happy. I held the pen as I would do whenever I take notes on ‘normal’ paper. The result wasn’t that bad really. I had a few letters missing a bit, one letter was all gone. So all in all I was very happy.

Shock factor

Oh man. My handwriting is really bad. I have a feeling that the DigiMemo might help with improving my handwriting because there is NO way I’m going to share my notes with anyone before I get better.

2 thoughts on “Follow up to my DigiMemo A501 review

  1. Thanks a lot for this helpful review. If you are going to test ACECAD’s handwriting recognition software also, a review would be highly appreciated – for me, that would be the killer feature, and my handwriting is *much* worse than yours! ;-)

  2. Hi Jossi,
    Thanks for the kind words (including the one about handwriting). The thing is that I have not been able to find any place where the software is sold as ACECAD’s software, but as far as I could see from their web site it is the same as MyScriptNotes. I did install the trial version and did a quick test, seems it can also recognize drawings, as I had a triangle and that one was adjusted!!! Another issue is of course the high price for it; 60 EURO is a bit pricy for me…
    In case I do some more checks then expect a review (I will drop you an email so you know).

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