Giveaway at The Thinking Blog with a real prize

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Giveaway at The Thinking Blog with a real prize

If you are a blogger then head over to The Thinking Blog’s latest giveaway

In this giveaway they have a pretty cool prize, and no, it is not a free WordPress theme or some free advertisement. No, this time the prize is nothing less that a rugged & water resistant laptop from Ruff PC, the Laptop they are giving away is the RuffBook Tech, which actually got some pretty nice specs.

This is a perfect Laptop if you like to blog away from home; take it with you anywhere you go. Even to the beach or when you go mountain climbing. Oh, guess it is also very good if you got small kids, spilling milk and water on it would not matter (beyond the mess). It might even work if they took it out to play with it in the dirt.

So what do you have to do to win it? Simple, you just do what I just did :-) All you have to do is just to blog about it. Hmm, so by suggesting this to the readers of this blog I actually reduce the chance of me winning. Oh, what the hell. If you do win it and you got to the giveaway from this blog then it would be great if you mention it on your blog, I would also be happy to write about it (including picture). Good luck to us all.

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