Low Carb week, Day 7

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Low Carb week, Day 7

With this post 7 of my little series I reached ‘the end’ (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4, post #5, post #6) But I will probably do one or two days more, since the previous two days wasn’t that low carb. It sounds a bit as if I will stop on low carb but that’s not the case. I have been on low carb for a long time and I see the results and surely I will continue. I will also continue with low carb posts from time to time, but let’s get to today first. So this was my day 7 in my little series; Sunday the 14th of December 2014.


Guess what… I had an omelet again ;-)

Just two eggs today, with spinach, cheese and some fish (Pangasius). Inside the omelet I had more fish but it was a bit dry so not the biggest success.

2014-12-14 11.34.06
445 calories


For lunch I just had 200 grams salmon. Not more, not less. The salmon had just about 2 grams of carb and 370 calories. That must count as low carb :-) Just for the record, I love salmon, so I really enjoyed it.


No beer, no pizza today.

But this feast:

Just 404 calories for this meal.
Just 404 calories in this meal.

Piece of meat with broccoli, cauliflower-rice, spinach, sweet pepper and to avoid it been too dry, some sauce (pre-made). Could have used a glass of red-wine but had to settle with some water.


Yeah, no snacks today except a few small home made cookies :-)

Was about to finish this post when I realised that I’m still a bit hungry and have 688 calories left today and only had 49 grams of carb. So today ended with 200 grams of cottage cheese.

Nutrition information for the day

Today is very different from yesterday, got 512 remaining calories. Ended up with a total of 1395, so a good day :-) I’m BACK.

2014-12-14 23.08.28

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