Low Carb week, Day 4

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Low Carb week, Day 4

Day 4 in my little series of low carb eating. Thursday the 11th of December, 2014. (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1, post #2, post #3)


Today I took my time for an omelet, again with 2 eggs and ham, tomato, spinach (lots) and bacon.

2014-12-11 08.58.28
Lot’s of calories, 491 of them. That’s about 1/3 of my daily goal.

I do sometimes end up with omelet with so much spinach that I can’t fold them but then I just call them ‘open omelet’.


I cut some chicken this morning (and did not forget it at home this time), then just a bag of salad and that’s all. Nothing fancy but nice.

2014-12-11 11.50.06
Only 245 calories, nothing to complain about here


I tried something new today. I bought some fish and fried in on the pan, was actually pretty nice but could have used a few more minutes. I know nothing about fish really (beyond tuna and salmon) so was a bit of a dare, I bought what is called Pangasius, looks (according to Google) that it is also called that in English and Danish, so I have no idea about what kind of fish it was. Then I had some broccoli and spinach (frozen, cooked with milk) and then some cheese as topping on the spinach (was not the correct cheese, so a bit boring)

Without the cheese, but with the cheese it was around 430 calories
Without the cheese, but with the cheese it was around 430 calories


Oh no, just had a few pieces of Kägi Fret again today, all fine until my boss came by with a whole package and left them at my desk.. Guess I ended at 8, which ends up on 318 calories. That’s crazy, more than my lunch.

Didn’t get better in the evening, had a whole Ritter Spot

Yammy but another480 calories
Yammy but another480 calories

OMG, around 800 calories on just so few snacks. Really shows one of my previous issues, snacks and tons of calories. But did I feel bad about it, nope, not at all. There must be space for enjoyment; it was another case if it was a daily thing. For the once who have a few snacks each day I dare you to check how many calories you eat just by the snacks.

Nutrition information for the day

Ups, didn’t do as much walking/exercise as the other days, so according to the app I used 134 more than I should. Oh well, I will live another day.


2014-12-12 01.09.32

116 grams of carbs, that’s pretty high (Well, depends…) I should really get below 75 again, or even better below 50. That should speed up the weight loss a great deal. So time to cut down on snacks again.

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