Early September update

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Early September update

As mentioned in my previous post I will be doing some changes with this site. I recently turned 37 and I want to use this ‘number’ to introduce some changes. Becoming 37 did of course not change anything really (just a new number), as we all grow older by the second, not a year at a time. Some of the changes I will go through will be worth writing about and some will not be worth to write about and guess what… I get to choose :-)

So let me list some of the changes that will happen:
Blog more

As the blog is called ‘On My Mind’ then let me change the blog into that. In the past when ever I saw something interesting on the internet then I would mention it to a few friends by email or IM. In the future I might just blog about it and give the link to the post to my friends.
But what is ‘interesting’? It can be anything really, such as new technology, it can be human related (there are some really smart people out there), movies (reviews and YouTube), new games and even new things for game development (but not much in that area is that NEW and INTERESTING any more). I do promise that this site will NOT turn into: “Lets link to all other blogs and each one of their posts.” What would the point be in that!!!

Document more of my life. No, I’m not talking about changing this into a diary :-) But as mentioned before there will be changes in my life…

Upgrade WordPress and change theme

I find WordPress a GREAT blogging system (not that I ever tried any other) and want to upgrade to 2.2 soon or maybe even 2.3 which just went into beta a few days ago. At the same time I want to get a new theme (also as this one does not work with 2.2). So the upgrade to 2.2 and the change in theme will happen at the same time.

Life changes

Just a quick word about this, as ‘I want changes in my life’ sounds SO dramatic but what I got in mind is nothing dramatic at all. It will be things such as eating more healthy, loose weight, more exercise, learn new things, get more out of the time I spend with the kids and friends, get away from home/office more. General just get more quality in life.

So welcome to the next phase of this blog

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