Not much on my mind!!!

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Not much on my mind!!!

Any possible returning reader of this blog might have noticed that I have been posting less and less. So if you think about the title of this blog ‘On My Mind’ then you might come to the conclusion that I don’t have much on my mind… I promise: that’s not the case.

I have recently been thinking about what directions I want to go with this blog, more reviews, more personal stuff, more and shorter postings or long and seldom postings. Guess what, I didn’t come to a conclusion about that yet. But one thing is for sure, none of the postings I already did will be removed but I do plan some changes in amount of postings. Just think about it, my sister’s blog was started after I told her about my blog and she is actually updating hers a lot more frequent than I do and her content matches the title of my blog a lot (On My Mind).

So expect some changes from early next month…

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