Guess it is time for a small update from me. I have been a bit sick this week, nothing serious just headache, throat pain, had a cold and so, more annoying than anything else really. Good thing is that I’m almost tip top again, so ready for a weekend with the crazy kids. Not that I got anything planned but they will be crazy anyway :-)

I have been playing a good bit of poker this week (in the evenings) but the last few days it didn’t go that well, as I didn’t feel well, was not concentrating and thinking about other things while playing. So I decided to take a short break from poker for some days.

This break will give me a chance to get started on something I wanted to get started with for a long time. Programming with Flash, well, more correct with ActionScript 3. I got started with this yesterday using Flex Builder as development environment; got to say it was great fun starting from scratch. Of course I got a great book that describes ActionScript in great details (Worth a review maybe!!) without it I would have been lost. I don’t have anything to show yet but hopefully I will have something during next week.

This also means I didn’t have time to get started with any of the changes I mentioned in the previous post…

Oh, one thing, in case you missed it, Apple updated their iPods. I was following that live on several web sites and saw the presentation video from Apple later. Damn they are nice, the new iPod nano is just so sweet and the iPod touch is THE device to get; several of my friends already preordered it. What annoys me a bit is that none of the old iPod games will be working on ANY of the new iPods, including the iPod Classic. But you can’t get it all I guess… This also reminds me that I started on a review/experience report of my Apple MacPro; I better get that done soon also.

Anyway, that’s all from me for this time. Check back soon for another update.

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