Movie review: Die Hard 4.0

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Movie review: Die Hard 4.0

Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) (IMDb) (Trailers)

I recently went to the cinema see some action, the movie I choose was a pure action candidate and I knew it would not be boring. The movie was of course Die Hard 4.0 (But I almost ended up watching a preview of Transformers)

I got to admit that I liked the 3 previous Die Hard movies; the action; the dark humor; the action; Bruce Willis; Small twists in story; oh and did I mention.. Action.

So with this as background and with having seen the trailers a few times I knew I was not going to be disappointed by the 4th Die Hard movie, and I sure wasn’t disappointed at all.

Bruce Willis returns as the cop John McClane; just funny that no one in the movie knows how much destruction and how much he got through in the past. In the movie he involuntarily teams up with the young hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long); who does ask after some great action “Have you done this before”. Sure everybody would know what a hero John McClane would be after all the previous action… Never mind, people laughed at this.

This movie should not be taken serious (no surprise); only exception might be the comments from the hacker about the manipulated news media (true or not true!!). The movie also shines with the dry humor, mainly from Bruce Willis and his comments from time to time. I didn’t expect to laugh as much as I did but then again maybe that’s just me (and the other Dane in the cinema).

Sure the action in the movie is over the top but I expected that. Sure the villain is BAD but hey, otherwise it would have been a bit silly. Sure it is also over the top that John McClane and Matt Farrell got to save all from total chaos but sometimes no one else is around to sort it out

I would highly recommend this movie to any Die Hard fans or just people who like action and of course especially to the Bruce Willis fans. For people who prefer movies that makes them think a lot after watching it then maybe this is not the right one, unless you will be thinking about how they made the action scenes, if there will be Die Hard 5… I’m sure this one will join my DVD collection when it is released on DVD.

Oh, did I mention that there is a bit of action in the movie!!!!

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