I was going through the latest newsletter I received from Zen Habits (I have to admit, I often forget to read them) and saw that Leo Babauta (guy behind Zen Habits) got another site/program called Sea Change; first I thought this was something rather new, but I was wrong, I got to read the newsletters when I get them… Do go to http://seachange.zenhabits.net to discover what it is all about or let me do a quick summary:

The idea is that people can do changes to their life, create new (good) habits and improve their life. This is done through monthly modules, each one trying to help out on a specific topic. Members can choose to follow the monthly/yearly plan or go through past modules. Each module includes the plan/overview, several articles, access to forum and one webinar. There is also the option to join groups (for accountability). Sure, nothing comes for free, so he is charging $10 per month for this. So it been subscription I can give it a try and then always cancel.

Since I’m new to starting creating new habits (Got enough bad ones already) I will also be following his “The Beginner’s Habit Program“. It follows some very simple steps on how to introduce new habits, find a trigger (breakfast!), select your new simple habit (very simple to start with), commit to it… and do it :-)

Leo uses accountability groups to help people commit to their new habits, so daily/weekly people should login and give feedback on progress. Instead of groups you can of course just use some friends, or as I will be doing it, using my blog. I did have a look at the groups, several looked interesting but no longer accepted members (groups are often less than 7 people).

I have already found my simple beginners habit and will start tomorrow with this one (blog post to follow tomorrow), and I will be following the first module of the Sea Change (A Month of Mindfulness).

I will not be doing daily blog entries for the new habits, but at least weekly.

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