Finally got through Flash Element TD

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Finally got through Flash Element TD

My friend Daniel Klein told me recently that he got through level 39 in Flash Element TD. So I just had to give it a try again, got to level 39 yesterday. Changed a bit in the way I upgraded and sold my towers and got through the game today. So I’m rather proud.

Some pictures to prove it:

Flash Element TD Level 39
Yeah, got through level 39
Flash Element TD  : Hall of Fame - Pos 165
WOW. Position 165.

This is how I did it, just a short description. ONLY use normal cannon’s through the whole game, except the air levels. Just before an air level I will sell all cannons that does not have to be used, I do this BEFORE the level ends so I have more gold when the level ends, so more interests. For the air levels I use the Air tower, not too many to start with. But I did use too few at the later air levels so lost some lives there. When an air level is about to finish I will again sell the towers, or as many as possible before the level ends. I do never keep air towers for the next air level. Rather have the gold to earn interests with.

If you can see you are about to loose some lives, then do NOT start to build towers in the hope you can get all creeps killed. Does not matter if you loose a few lives; better just save the money. Same goes with the bosses; I had number 2 pass through twice and I think number 3 passed 3 times. And as always, just as in real life; never use all the money you have. Just a few towers to start with. Place them over to the right; so the creep will pass them to start with and then later pass them again.

Oh, I do not use any cheats, such as the lag cheat that I read about. But I do overlap towers.

So no more Flash Element TD for me; I will sit back and relax and wait for next game from the same developer (Flash Circle TD). Do check this page and check the movie; looks to be very interesting.

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