Time for World Cup

Guess we reached the time where EVERYBODY is talking about the World Cup and guess what, it is the same here at ETH Zurich where I work. We have gone an extra step and is doing some betting/voting, everybody pays 10 CHF, half goes to the winners and the rest is used for BBQ ;-) We are using the online service tipponline.ch That's probably all I have to say about the World Cup (yes, I'm not a big fan...) www.tipponline.ch

Time for big changes in job and life – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about me loosing my job and the search for a new job, I was getting close to panic but at the end I ended up with a very interesting job. So today the story continues, this time about the new job and what changes this will bring upon us here. (Us = myself, the kids and my ex-wife).

Time for big changes in job and life – Part 1

At the very end of last year I wrote about goals for this year and regarding work I mentioned following:

  • What direction to go?
  • Look for new possibilities

These two subjects became serious issues recently for me which will result in some big changes for me (After been through a few changes recently). On the 1st of April (No April jokes, please) I will be starting a new job at a Technical University here in Switzerland. This will be the biggest job change for me during my 10 years here in Switzerland. This change is not only related to work but will go beyond it and result in changes for us all here (the kids, my ex-wife and myself).

Let me tell the story… This will be done in two parts, with the first one today and second tomorrow.