The bet: 5 kg, 2.5 month or 250 EURO

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The bet: 5 kg, 2.5 month or 250 EURO

I’m almost never doing bets, never bet on horses, sport (Just Danish “tip”) or other crazy events but that recently changed.

Not that I will be betting on horses from now on but I did a bet with a good friend of mine. It’s pretty simple:

The Bet: I have to loose 5 kg in 2.5 month

If I fail: He gets 250 EURO

If I win: I get a pizza & beer (and I lost 5 kg).

Time frame: End of October (yeah a bit more than 2.5 month, but close enough)

My weight has been stable for some years now, swinging between 94-96 kg. Today it was 95.5 kg, so I define for the bet that I must be below 90 kg AND stay below 90 kg for a month.

I plan to achieve this by doing more exercise (See below) and change my diet (also see below).

Exercises: I recently bought the book Fit ohne Geräte: Trainieren mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht, yes, a book in German (English: You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises), don’t think I ever read that much German before. A rather interesting book, covering the idea behind training using your own body as weight and not requiring any equipment or going to a gym. The book also contains a chapter about diet about nutrition,

I have now put together a small exercise program, 3 days with exercises from his book and 2-3 days with biking on my almost never used cross trainer.

Diet: I will follow tips from the above-mentioned book but also try the low carb-diet form The 4-hour Body. My problem with reading about diets is that I’m not familiar with the names, not in English or German (and not even in Danish). So even to get this right is a challenge :-) I will start out with changing my breakfast and then take it from there. At the same time I will cut down on sweets (Almost stopped eating chocolate+cake), soda drinks (after reading about how bad diet-sodas are I cut down a lot) and no more energy drinks. I used to drink energy drinks on a daily basis but for the last 2 month I had around 3-5 per month, so already going better.

So challenges for me and since I made it public, also a commitment from me ;-) Hmmm, pizza… ;-)

I will report back….


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