I’m still alive

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I’m still alive

Just wanted to let people know that I’m still alive :-) but seems the blog is dying, let’s see if I can get around to get it back alive.

As you might have noticed, this year did not start with a review of last years goals nor a list of goals for this year. This does not mean I don’t have goals and just want the year to pass. I got lots of goals, ideas and so forth for this year.

For the last many month I have been busy with a few things in my spare time, such as live poker, online poker and development of a iPhone game. The iPhone project was shortly mentioned in July, in what I wanted to be a kick start of the blog (See Kick start of Blog Summer 2009). I’m not going to promise anything about kick starting the blog but will promise that there will be some postings very soon about the iPhone project, if that makes zense!

Regarding poker, this year I only played 3 live tournament so far (With a small profit) but I played a lot of online poker, made it to Silverstar in January, almost won entry to EPT Copenhagen, cashed out in the Sunday Millions and then spend the rest of the bankroll on various satellites.

Anyway, just wanted to mentioned I’m alive and got lots on my mind.

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