First ever YouTube movie published by me

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First ever YouTube movie published by me

Guess it was just about a question time before it would happen. Especially with two crazy kids who loves to take the mobile phone and make movies.

I was with my son and his granddad at a skateboard ramp and did some small movie clips. So finally I had a good reason to spend some time with iMovie and ended up creating a small movie for him. The movie quality is nothing impressive; it was after all done with a SonyEricsson K800i. Got to admit that after playing with iMovie I would not mind having a HD camcorder but then again, my wallet would mind it very much.

Anyway, to have a look at the first movie I ever made and published then just watch it right here.

You can of course also head over to my YouTube profile and check some of my favorites (Talking cats and human beat box). Subscribe there if you feel like it, or even better just subscribe here as I will mention any new movies here anyway.

3 thoughts on “First ever YouTube movie published by me

  1. Thanks to the “Damn Brit” who actually is a good friend of mine, he just got some issues with QuickTime and iTunes (and a lot more)

  2. Plenty of issues, but only because my brain’s been poisoned by a combination of J2ME, and a dark history of having quicktime installed on my pc ;)

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