First post

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First post

So time to get to the real first post…

Since post 0 I have worked on the design and learned a bit more about Word Press and blogging. I also added “Technorati”, “Feedburner” and the “Bookmark to”; with supports and Digg among many.

You might have asked yourself, what this blog is about and why yet another blog. If you did ask yourself this, then do have a look at the about page and the On My Mind page. That might give you a few ideas.

So what can be expected to be written about here in the near future? There will be something about Wii, first I will move the old Wii Launch Event from Switzerland over here (I did a temp one just after the launch event), then I will write about what I think about the Wii. Then I got a few book reviews in mind. Also have ideas for future interesting subjects and issues.

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