On My Mind

The main reason why I decided to create this site is that I like to write; sometimes I do get carried away when I write emails or even in connection with writing documentation for work. So why not write to a larger audience… and since I got a lot of things On My Mind that will be the theme of the web site.

I will be sharing some of it through this website, so I will not be limiting myself to write about game development or the books I read… But instead I will write about many different things, it may be the things I just mentioned (game dev and books) but might also include other things that I find interesting such as poker, games, personal development, technical issues and so forth.

How things will be in the future is hard to say, maybe the web site will become more about game dev, personal development or maybe I will write about how my cats are doing (I doubt this.. also got to get some cats first then). One thing that you should not expect to see here is postings about politic or religion as I’m just not into that.

So why should you be checking this site or subscribing to the blog, very good question. I will not answer that question; it is up to you to decide if you find the site interesting. Maybe you found nothing today but maybe you will tomorrow.

I do not promise daily updates not even weekly updates, they will come when I got something to share.

The site might also change look over time, might be small changes to the current theme or total changes, but I will try to keep all data intact. I’m new to WordPress and am learning a lot all the time, so I might get design ideas later on.

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