Guess I’m pretty lucky at the moment, first the great review by Valerie and now Blog A Day by Beth.

Seems Beth liked my blog, so why don’t you head over to her ‘review’ of it and read it yourself. She got some great comments that made me simile ;-) oh, and she subscribed to my RSS feed, thanks to Beth. Guess this puts some pressure on me for writing more good posts.

She claims that she is good in poker and can win it any day; who knows, I might challenge her and of course keep her in mind if the system from the 30K per month book works. Then I can always sponsor the book for her :-)

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  1. Beth

    LOL I only think I’m good when I’m watching the WPT. Then I play for free and lose every time. Come on, how many of us have watched Texas hold’em on TV an said to ourselves, “Hell, I could do that.” :D

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