I’m always interested in hearing what people think of my blog, both design and the content. So recently when valmg offered to do blog reviews I just had to grab the chance.

She wrote what I consider a rather positive review, which can be found on one of her many blogs, just go over to her Cats and Coupons blog to have a look at the review.

One thing she got right was that the right sidebar are cut off but it all depends on the resolution and probably also the browser, only one of the items are cut here when running 1024×768 (Which I just happen to know that she is using), but if the resolution is lower or if the browser is not full-screen then yes, she is correct. Oh, I just checked with Internet explore 6 and more was cut off, time for me to fix that.

Another thing she noticed was my About page, that it gives a good few details. So I just had to double check her own About pages and I was not able to find her real name on any of them, so she will continue to be known as: valmg

Anyway, thanks to valmg for taking the time for the review, appreciated.

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  1. valmg

    I’m glad you liked the review.
    My real name is Valerie, MG is for my hyphenated last name.

  2. Beth

    Wow, your lucky day- you were just named Blog A Day on my blog :D

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