I recently signed up with PayPerPost (Now part of IZEA). So what is PayPerPost; simple you get paid/sponsored to post (blog) about certain subjects. What you can write about depends on your location, the categories of your web site and Alexa ranking and Google’s PageRank. So the better ranks, the more and better priced options you got.

This is not a get rich quick system; actually, it is not a way to get rich at all. Some of the options I have range from $5 up to $15; they also have rules that have to be followed so it would not be possible to make a blog that is based on the paid posts.

The subject of the posts varies a LOT and no, I will not write about them all. Don’t see any reason why I should start writing about mortgage, estate agent in NYC, garage furniture, alcohol rehab in Florida or garden furniture since I got no interest in that (got no garage or garden anyway) and I doubt the reads of this blog wants to read about that.

I have so far written 3 blog entries that are sponsored and I wrote about them as I felt they where suited for this blog and the readers and so it will continue. I will also continue to stay 100% true to the posts, so I will never make something up just to be able to make it sound good. So when I wrote about the high tech binocular and that I’m considering buying them, then that’s the truth.

Each sponsored post will be marked as a sponsored post either by text or by graphics; see the bottom of this post for how it can look. PayPerPost actually require this which I think is a great policy to have. Just have a look at their disclosure page: payperpost

So will this bring in a lot of money for me; nope. I hope so find interesting enough options to get around $25 to $50 per month and I plan to use them well. I need to improve my grammar so I will be looking around for online courses and they will be paid with any income I get from PayPerPost. I might even look for some real-life courses here in Switzerland.

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