As mentioned the other day, I recently signed up at HubPages and already did my first Hub, so some might wonder what that is about and what it got to do with my blog.

What is HubPages?

The very short version: HubPages is a CRAZY big blog with around 40.000 articles, written by a lot of different people (Their best list got 6999 listed). A Hub can be seen as a single post/blog entry.

The Hubbers (writers/bloggers) can write a Hub about what ever they like and it is not connected directly to their own ‘space’. The Hubbers do have their own profiles where the latest Hubs are mentioned, but it does not work as a blog for each member. Just have a look at my profile.

Around 3 million people are visiting HubPages each month, often are people coming from the search engines, so a big audience.

Hubbers are not paid directly by HubPages for blogging but if they sign up with Google’s AdSense and Amazon (eBay also possible) then the impressions (impression = when an ad is shown) is split so that Hubbers gets 60% of ads impressions (Meaning, 60% of the impressions will have the AdSense/Amazon code from the Hubber in them). It is also possible to get more and get impressions on other hubs by linking. You also get some % if you refer people to sign up to HubPages. But even if 60% of all the ads shown have your code in them, then this does not mean that they will be clicked.

Why not use my own blog for all?
So there are great possibilities but you might ask ‘why write there when you have your own blog’. When I signed up at HubPages I liked the idea about that you can write about whatever you like and whenever you like, not as other blog networks that might require that the author selects a category and then are require to write X number of posts pr week. But back to ‘why'; on HubPages I can write about subjects that might not match my own blog. I’m also able to go in and have a look at the ‘requests’ from other people; these are suggestions from other people.

My first Hub was an answer to such a request (See the Hub). I plan to use the requests a lot, find a request that I find interesting, do some research and write about it. So it is as a practice for me: quick research and then blog about it, even if it was about a subject I never had to deal with before. If I write about things that I would find suitable for the blog then I will of course mention it here on blog; together with a link. You can of course also subscribe directly to the RSS from my profile.

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