Upcoming theme change

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Upcoming theme change

I spent some time yesterday checking various themes and designs; amazing that so many exists, all with good and bad points. I found one that had the features that I required and had a nice look. I will have to do a few changes and change some graphics before it can be used as I want it. So today I asked a few of my friends what they thought about it, I have a ‘test’ area for such things and most of them had different opinions. In the end I decided that I am the one who decides Smiley

So for the next days I will check for updates on the plug ins that this site is using; who knows maybe I will find some other useful ones also.

The first real release candidate of WordPress 2.3 should be released during next week, they released beta 3 two days ago. I will wait with any updates until I verified that the new theme and plug ins are working with 2.3, as I don’t want to upgrade several times. So when it goes online is not sure yet, but hopefully soon.

It is unsure when it all goes online (and when it works) but when it does I will do a post about what theme I’m using, what plug ins is been used.

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